Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Welcome to One More Thing Before I Dye

The Sister Blog of Pink Doxies!

In January of 2016, I started experimenting with Procion MX dyes to create my own fabrics for quilting. I was instantly hooked on the thrill of putting color where I wanted it to go. Dyeing led to printing, printing to silk screening, and so on. Pink Doxies' readers never knew what to expect! Soon my posts were more about mixed media than quilting, and I questioned whether I was a quilting blogger or a fiber arts blogger. The line continued to blur, and I was pulled equally in both directions. I cannot tell you how deeply I feel quilting is an elemental part of who I am. It keeps me balanced. But the dare devil in me needs the adrenaline thrill of more and new, and keeps my mind engaged with my spirit. Therefore, I chose not to be one or the other, but to separate the blogs into two domains. 

Pink Doxies Is Here to Stay will continue to publish original designs, ideas, and inspirational projects related to quilts, bags, and all kinds of sewing. All your favorite link up parties will still be there such as #BraveQuilter with its hand dyed fabric prizes. Expect some new link ups like Second Chance Quilts--a cooperatively coined term for scrap quilts, and even some old ones like The Pet Project Show will make a come back in 2017.

What to Expect Here

All or most of my mad scientist and artistic pursuits will be here. My media shelves are full, new bolts of fabric are stocked, and I have lists of new processes to share with you. It will still involve fabric 95% of the time, but other surfaces are never out of the question.

There Will Still Be Some Cross Over Content
A.K.A. Wet vs. Dry

My upper level is where I make quilts, and a dry studio except for spilled coffee. My lower level has access to water, concrete floors, and is perfect for working with chemicals or spills. Projects from one frequently move to the next, but sometimes I am not sure where to store materials. Wet or dry?

Friends walking side by side often brush arms or bump into each other, and so it will happen here. Some things are naturally appropriate for one blog or the other, but fabric created here may end up in a project at Pink Doxies as well as a P.D. quilt may need a few touches of paint bling here.

The Appearance Will Change Over Time

Expect that you will pop in here to see what fun I am having, and it no longer looks the same. Or it happens twice. I will tweak the blog along the way, but content is more important than decoration for now. This is the place to be loose and comfortable.

Art for Sale

Check here for current art pieces, dyed fabrics, and clothing available for purchase. The inventory is growing, and will be available through this blog soon. 

Please Take the Time to Follow

Follow by email, and have each post delivered to your Inbox. It's the nicest thing in the morning to see a new post from a happy blogger. Bloglovin' will be available soon. If playing with fabric is something that fascinates you, let me create the mess for you. You don't want to miss out!

Thank You 

Thank you to everyone polled who said, "Do it!" I appreciate your great suggestions about keeping it real and sane. I have one of them under control.


  1. Well done. I've been tossing the idea around for a new blog for my newest interest. This is inspiring!

  2. That's a great idea! Good luck with this new endeavor!

  3. Congrats on a new adventure - I love your blog's title! Be sure to share your creations on Midweek Makers!

  4. I love the name of your new blog, Julie. Many years ago a casual acquaintance asked me what I had planned for the weekend. "I'm dying," I said. The person responded with alarm, "What do you mean you're dying? How do you know that?" I've always loved the pun.

    It will be interesting to see your posts on this blog (though I confess I will miss seeing your posts on Pink Doxies).

    1. Nancy, don't fear! I'll be there, too! Pink Doxies will be where I can show all the things made with fabric, and One More Thing for surface design, art on fabric, etc.

      There are so many cute ways to use
      'Dyeing', but this one came from out of the blue one day. Cough cough. From one pun lover to the next.💙

  5. Good Luck on your new venture, so exciting!

  6. This is so great, Julie, and I love the blog name. I have loved all your not-exactly-quilting adventures so it's exciting to see them getting their own space.

  7. Well done - I love the blog name!
    I look forward to following your dyeing adventures!

  8. I absolutely love the name of the new blog!!

  9. Love the name of the new blog and will continue to enjoy your dyeing adventures.

  10. Looking forward to this new adventure. Have been enjoying all the blogs on dying as well as the blogs on quilting.

  11. Congratulations on your new blog. Sounds exciting. Looking forward to where you take us.

  12. Pretty exciting! This post, by the way, is very well written.

  13. LOL "I have one of them under control." How I do love you.